Smoke Vent EA-K-50 Chain Actuator - 24V, 500N

by easivent
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Chain actuator available exclusively from Easivent in the UK. Tested to EN 12101, available in four stroke lengths.

A 24V, 500N chain actuator from Simon RWA. Programmable options include adjusting the length of stroke via SimonLink software (prior to dispatch).

Suitable for smoke controlsuitable for natural ventilation

Now certified to EN-12101 when installed onto windows manufactured from the Schüco AWS 70 HI profile!

The EA-K-50 is a powerful chain actuator with low noise operation making it ideal for both smoke & natural ventilation systems. Utilising proven technology from the best selling Folding Arms these chain drives combine power with elegance.

Chain actuator stroke length: 600mm, 750mm and 1000mm available

Ref - 600mm: M25311T
Ref - 750mm: M25312T
Ref - 1000mm*: M25313T

Nominal voltage: 24 V DC +/- 15%
Nominal current: 1.4 A
Force: 500 N
Cut-off: Integrated, electronic power cut-off
Programmable:  Prior to dispatch
Full Load Speed: 11 mm/s
Ingress protection: IP 32
Switch on duration: ED 30 %
Temperature range: 0 °C to + 75 °C
Connection cable: Silicone 3 (6) x 0.75 mm² (Length 3.000 mm)
Housing: Aluminium EV1 anodized
Weight: 2.39 kg
Dimensions: 580mm L x 50mm D x 41mm H (please allow 20mm for cabling)
Chain drive mounting brackets: Not included, see below.

Power supply used must remove the 24V supply for a minimum of 500ms prior to the reverse polarity supply being applied.

Download product datasheet

*Please note this actuator stroke length will not fully open within the required 60 seconds for smoke control purposes

Don't forget your brackets:

EA-K-50 bracket - rotating for outward opening windows

EA-K-50 Z Bracket - for inward opening windows & EA-K-50 Bracket - for inward opening windows


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