WUC 160 control unit for natural ventilation - 16A

by Window Master

The WUC 160 control unit (16A) can control 4 individual motor groups of 4.0A or 8 individual motor groups of 2.0A - total power consumption of max. 16A.

The motor outlets can be operated individually or simultaneously. There is the possibility for connection of sensors and keypads for automatic control of the system.

Suitable for Natural Ventilation
Ref: WUC 160
230 VAC
Current: 16.0 amps
Dimensions: 455mm x 240mm x 88mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Colour: White RAL 9010

WUC 160-04 - 16A in 4 actuator groups
WUC 160-08 - 16A in 8 actuator groups (2 x 4)

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