Eyeball Self Testing and Remote Monitoring Systems

Stay compliant, stay safe

The Eyeball remote monitoring solution comprises an intelligent device to constantly monitor a smoke control system, and a cloud based subscription service which provides reports and alerts. Data on test results, system status and alarms are sent from the Eyeball devise to a cloud server which generates reports and sends alerts via email or SMS. The remote monitoring solution is available with different capabilities depending on the system being monitored.

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The eyeball solution does not replace the need for annual service visits but will give building owners peace of mind that the life safety systems are being monitored. Should you require an annual service contract for any of your sites please contact SCS Support for further information.

    SCS Group Easivent Eyeball remote monitoring system

    Eyeball - Basic Remote Monitoring Service


    Benefits Ensures that basic system alarm events are reported for a prompt response    Features 12 Months monitoring subscription. Provides basic...

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