Eyeball - Basic Remote Monitoring Service

by Easivent


  • Ensures that basic system alarm events are reported for a prompt response



  • 12 Months monitoring subscription.
  • Provides basic remote monitoring of up to 4 addressable alarm events per floor.
  • Real-time 24/7 reporting of Alarm events by email or SMS messaging or scheduled in a report.
  • Available with Broadband or 3G mobile connectivity to provide secure remote access and data transfer to the cloud. Extension aerials are available for improved 3G coverage.



  • Compatible with all SCS/Easivent legacy shaft systems and most third-party systems
  • Installed separately to the existing shaft system, contains a master panel with either broadband or GSM data connectivity, and addressable monitoring interface panels for monitoring each floor in the system. The master panel supports up to a maximum of 62 interface panels.
  • The interface panels (supplied separately) are available in 24V or 230V vent output voltage versions and are powered by a data cable derived from the master panel.


 Additional smoke control system support

  • If emergency call-out is required this is available as part of a support service contract available from SCS Support.


Download the Eyeball datasheet

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