Folding Arm 2 Door Opener Actuator

by easivent
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Exclusive from Easivent in the UK. CE-marked for smoke control use (tested to EN 12101).

Suitable for Smoke ControlSuitable for Natural Ventilation

The new Folding Arm 2 Door Opener from Simon RWA can be used in various scenarios:
- The door opener can be installed for day to day natural ventilation
- to guarantee inlet air on a mechanical smoke extract system, or
- for opening a main entrance door.

Opening the door by hand is not restricted by the folding arm actuator in any way. The body of the door opener will be fixed to the door frame, while the arm is the only part that moves, pushing the door in an open direction. The direction of the arm can be easily reversed on site without the need to re-programme the operating software.

- Opens in under 60 seconds
- Aesthetically pleasing design requiring minimal space inside buildings
- Low energy consumption

Folding arm actuator - Door Opener - includes a self adhesive rolling strip for installation onto the door to prevent marking.

Ref: M21475
24 volts
Current: 1.3 amps
Dimensions: 500mm x 58mm x 115mm
Weight: 5kg

Power supply used must remove the 24v supply for a minimum of 500m/s prior to the reverse polarity supply being applied. 

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