WindowMaster chain actuator for surface mounting

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Chain actuator for surface mounting - facade windows and glazed roofs

Chain actuator for surface mounting onto window profile. Can be used in a variety of applications - top-, bottom- and side-hung facade windows and glazed roofs. Suitable for smoke ventilation. When connected to a Motorlink Control Panel this actuator is programmable e.g. force, noise level and speed can be adjusted, also after installation.

Ref: WMU836

Nominal voltage: 24 VDC (max. 10% ripple)
Nominal current: 1.0A
Force: 300N
Cut-off: Electronic limit switch
Programmable: Non  
Full Load Speed: 11mm/s
Ingress protection: IP32
Switch on duration: ED 40%
Temperature range: -5°C - +74°C
Connection cable: 5m grey silicone cable 3-cores 0,75m2
Housing: Anodised aluminium housing
Weight:  400mm: 2.2kg, 600mm: 2.6kg, 800mm: 3.0kg, 1000mm: 3.4kg
Dimensions: 34 x 47mm (H x D), length (L) depending on chain stroke

Stroke lengths available - 400, 600, 800 and 1000*mm
Please select whether a single version is required (WMU 836-1) or a tandem unit to synchronise with multiple actuators (WMU 836-2).

Download Product Datasheet

*Please note this actuator stroke length will not fully open within the required 60 seconds.

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