NV Solo Weather Station

by easivent

NV Solo is ideal for controlling Natural Ventilation in offices, entrance areas and common rooms, where room temperature can be controlled with the use of automated windows.The unit will measure internal and external temperatures and also monitor wind speed and rain fall. NV Solo thereby adds an additional benefit to the system by providing comfort ventilation to the room. If the unit is connected a smoke ventilation panel the emergency operation always has higher priority over the thermostat and wind/rain sensor

Ref: NV Solo
Voltage: 24 VDC
Control Panel Dimensions: 103 W x 98 H x 28 D mm
External Sensor Dimensions: 96 W x 77 H x 118 D mm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Colour: White/Frosted Plastic

Compatible Control Units: WUC 102 - 24V, 3A

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