Smoke/Heat Detector

by easivent

Multi-sensing photo optical smoke & heat element detector & relay base.

The multisensor smoke detector benefits from the same false alarm reduction technology as the optical detector. It is a thermally enhanced smoke detector that is a development of the optical detector and goes even further in its capabilities of fire detection.

The optical sensor is influenced by the heat sensing element, making the detector more responsive to fast- burning, flaming fires. It should be used as the detector of choice in areas of high risk with heat at an early stage of the configuration and with increased likelihood of unwanted alarms.

The smoke detector comes complete with an ORB-RB-10004-APO mounting base with integral relay.

8.5-33 VDC
Alarm Current: 40mA
Dimensions: 97mm Dia. x 130 mm H (including mounting base)
Material: White Polycarbonate
Weight: 0.20kg (including mounting base)

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