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Got your actuators and vents all sorted? Now’s the time to bring them all together with our AOV controls, switches and detectors.

Smoke control or natural ventilation? Our controls range has you covered, including Simon RWA SP300 and 600 panels available only from Easivent in the UK.

Easivent supplies a wide range of smoke control panels to govern simple systems, complex systems and all the systems in between. These all come with installation guidelines and we’re always happy to help out on the phone as and when required.

This is also the place to come for switches such as fireman’s overrides and smoke or CO detectors etc.

We stock units from Simon RWA for actuator control, such as SP300, SP600, the ESM range (for higher amperage – call +44 (0)870 240 6460 for more information) and the new Vent-6 daily ventilation control panel for natural ventilation applications.

Check out the full range of controls and switches here.

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AOV controls and switches



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