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Easivent - the smoke and natural ventilation store

Dedicated to unbeatable service and technical support, we provide a comprehensive range of control panels and equipment for use on smoke and natural ventilation projects, ranging from simple single opening window installations to multi-zone addressable systems incorporating automatic sensing and remote control.

We manufacture our own industry-first modular control systems for shaft or car park smoke control systems, and have valuable partnerships with big name manufacturers which keep our range up-to-date and in line with our customers' needs.


What is Smoke Control?

A smoke control system is designed to ventilate smoke in the instance of a fire. Our products include control units and vents/window actuators to allow smoke to escape, and these products are governed by legislation and often require fire-rating.

What is Natural Ventilation?

These systems utilise actuated windows and vents to allow for natural climate control by allowing air to flow between the building and the outside environments.


Easivent can provide:

  • CE-certified ventilators for smoke control
  • A wide range of ventilators for natural ventilation
  • Stand alone control panels for single openings, also available with remote control
  • Modular control panel systems for multiple openings
  • Car park ventilation control panels
  • Addressable control panel system for advanced monitoring and control on larger systems
  • Folding arm actuators - providing 120 degree openings
  • Chain drive actuators ranging from 450mm to 1000mm stroke
  • Slit actuators up to 1500N opening force
  • Wind and rain sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Switches
  • Automatic opening vents
  • Exterior louvres
  • Passive ventilation terminals
  • Automatic gravity failsafe smoke curtains
  • Automatic gravity failsafe fire curtains
  • Commissioning engineers





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