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Contractors wishing to bring smoke control in-house can become part of the Easivent Approved Installer Network

Join the Easivent Approved Installer Network

How to join the Easivent Approved Installer Network

STEP 1: Become a Registered Installer

Who can become a Registered Installer?
You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have staff trained to 17th edition
  • Hold at least £2m public liability insurance
  • Have a written Health and Safety Policy Statement and carry out risk assessments where appropriate
  • Be a registered trading company with HMRC

How do I become a Registered Installer?

  • Complete the Expression of Interest Form.
  • Fill in the application sent to you by email. You will need to have appropriate insurance, electrical accreditation and safety regime mentioned above.
  • Buy the online fundamentals course content and examination through our website (details of this will be sent to you once you have submitted your documentation and it has been approved).
  • Download the course.
  • Take the online examination.

Benefits: 5% discount on full range of Easivent products and (limited) technical support.











STEP 2*: Become an Approved Installer.

Who can become an Approved Installer?

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Firstly become a Registered Installer (see above)
  • Hold a minimum of £5m public liability insurance.
  • Have a formal quality assurance system (e.g. ISO 9000).
  • Be third party accredited for health and safety (e.g. CHAS).
  • Have or commit to having an appropriate electrical accreditation (e.g. NICEIC).
  • Successful credit check.
  • Have at least one person complete the full three-day training course (design, install and commissioning - you will have already completed and passed the Fundamentals online assessment to become a Registered Installer).

How do I become an Approved Installer?

  • Complete the Expression of Interest Form.
  • Fill in the application sent by email. You will need to have appropriate insurance, electrical accreditation and safety regime as stated above.
  • Complete the full training courses (three days in total, including design, install and commissioning & maintenance).
*You will receive an email inviting you to complete step 2 after completing the Registered Installer process.


Benefits: 10% discount on full range of Easivent products and access to full technical support.

Easivent Approved Installers:

Easivent Registered Installers:

Smoke control training for contractors

Smoke control is an important life safety feature of any building. Equipment and systems relating to smoke control and ventilation must be designed and installed correctly for the building to ensure safety of occupants and where appropriate, fire fighters.

Smoke control is typically procured by mechanical and electrical contractors on a design, supply and install basis from a smoke control specialist, and for complex buildings employing a specialist is the safest route providing they are of the right calibre. However, the majority of regular multi-storey buildings (blocks of flats, offices, student accommodation) have similar smoke control requirements and are suitable for a modular standardised approach to fire safety (such as fire alarms and other fire safety provisions). Selection and installation of these standardised systems are well within the realm of competence of most mechanical or electrical or fire and security contractors.

The SCS Group with over 20 years’ experience have designed, manufactured and installed smoke control systems in thousands of buildings across the UK. Working with a small number of strategic customers, the company’s project teams have earned a reputation for technical excellence, reliability and customer service and the product supply arm Easivent has developed a comprehensive product range covering AOVs and natural and mechanical smoke shafts.

The Easivent AOV kit range is designed for installation by mechanical or electrical contractors or other trade specialists and the Easivent Approved Installer scheme gives contractors the tools they need to bring smoke control in house to increase profit and eliminate the risks associated with sub contracting this vital element of fire safety in buildings.

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