24V Daily Ventilation Compact Control Panel

by easivent

The Vent-3 and Vent-6 Compact control panels have been especially designed and developed for natural daily ventilation systems.

Daily Ventilation 6a Compact Control Panel

The panel comes complete a 24V reverse polarity output and inputs for daily ventilation switches, thermostats and wind & rain sensors. The innovative design provides a programmable facility (via DIP switches) for limited ventilation and timed openings providing providing flexibility of choice for the end user.

Switches on the front of the panel allow operation of the window without the need for cabling to additional switches

The panel is supplied in a metal enclosure rated to IP20.


WiFi avaiable

WiFi option


We offer the option to add a facility to control the Vent-3 and Vent-6 panels remotely from your smartphone or via a web-based app. The Lightwave app connects to a device inside the panel (via a Lightwave Link) giving you the power to control the panel from wherever you are.

Get in touch for more information on this great new addition.

  Vent-3 Vent-6
Ref ST44032 ST44033
Input Voltage 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
Output Voltage 24V DC reverse polarity 24V DC reverse polarity
Current 3.0 amps 6.0 amps 

300mm W x 323mm H x 85mm D

301mm W x 444mm H x 85mm D
Weight 5.3Kg 6.3Kg


Datasheets are available via the links below:


Vent-3 (WiFi)


Vent 6 (WiFi)

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