EV-601 - 24V Smoke Ventilation 6A AOV Control Panel

by Easivent

This is a replacement for the SP-600 Control Panel and is compatible with existing SP systems. Find out more here.

The EV-601 smoke control panel has been especially designed and developed for smoke ventilation systems, and can be used for stand alone operation or as part of a BRE shaft system.

Suitable for smoke control

The panel comes complete with two 24v reverse polarity outputs with a shared output of 6.0A, inputs for daily ventilation switches, wind/rain sensors, smoke detection and fire alarm/BMS.

Battery back up is included in this EV-601-MC-BB product.

The innovative design provides a programmable facility (via DIP switches) for limited ventilation (used on day-to-day ventilation to prevent AOV windows opening fully) and timed openings which is used in conjunction with a thermostat for corridor cooling.

The panel is supplied in a metal enclosure rated to IP 42 (indoor use only).

Ref: EV-601-MC-BB

Voltage: 24 volts output

Current: 6.0 amps

Dimensions: 444mm H x 300mm W x 86mm D


EV-601 product datasheet

EN 12101-10 Declaration of Performance Certificate

Instructions for replacing an SP-300 with an EV-601

Fireman's Override Switch to be used - HE-077

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