Automatic Transfer Switch - 40A

by easivent

40A Auto transfer switch with maintenance bypass facility, for the switching between non-essential and essential 400v mains supplies

The EV-ATSB is the automatic changeover device for primary and secondary power supplies providing essential maintained supply to the life safety and firefighting panels and plant.
The panel will continuously monitor incoming supplies and in the event of loss of the primary supply the panel will transfer to the secondary supply. On return of primary supply the panel will automatically transfer back.
The secondary supply can be sourced from a separate substation, UPS or generator. The panel outputs generator start signals with configurable running times.
A built-in bypass switch maintains power and service to the critical plant during maintenance of the ATS unit in accordance to BS 8519.

Each panel is equipped with Socomec control.

Ref: EV-ATSB-40A
Input Voltage: 2 x 400 volts supply
Input Current: 40 Amps
Dimensions: 642*mm H x 800mm W x 300mm D
*Includes 42mm for weatherproof canopy
Construction: Mild Steel, IP55, PPC to RAL 7035 (Light Grey)

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