Car Park Ventilation Panel 7.5kW (for 3.0kW Jet/Impulse fans)

by easivent

7.5kW car park ventilation panel capable of operating 2 no. (FLC-15.5A each) high temperature extract fans and up to 4 no. 3.0kW jet/impulse fans. Panel comes complete with 1 no. 400V maintained mains supply connection and an integral CO control panel.

The Easivent CPV control panel will contain all the necessary hardware to provide automatic operation of the system, including variable speed drives for all fans (for daily vent mode only), automatic changeover and will be interfaced with the fire detection system. Automatic control of the car park ventilation system will be facilitated by a CO monitoring to continually check the air quality within the car park.

Up to 32 no. CO heads (not included) can be connected to the integral control panel, the heads will be mounted throughout the car park to ensure that all areas are monitored. The fire mode function of the system can be activated by smoke detection in the car park.

The panels are wall mounted and the enclosures are rated at IP55, external mounting is possible with the addition of the optional rain hood.

All extract & impulse fans will be inverter controlled to reduce starting currents and allow for adjustment of volume flow rates to achieve the required exhaust duty at the point of extract. All inverters will switch to by-pass in fire mode.

Ref: CPV/7.5/3.0
Input Voltage:
400 volts
Output Power: 7.5kW
Construction: Mild Steel, IP55, PPC to RAL 7035 (Light Grey)

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