AOV Kit H - Stair Vent Actuator & Controls

by easivent

This easy to install & commission AOV kit is ideal for a smoke control project that incorporates a "Small single stair" design. The kit comprises of a chain actuator, 24v control panel with battery back up and programmable features, 2 fireman's override switches and a smoke detector c/w diode mounting base.
AOV Kit 1 - Stair Vent Actuator & ControlsAOV Kit 1 - Stair Vent Actuator & Controls

Voltage: 24 volts
Control Panel: 1 x EV-301-MC-BB
Switch: 2 x A32122
Bracket: 1 x set for outward opening window K25097
Smoke Detection: 1 x Optical Smoke Detector & Base
Chain Actuator: 1 x Optional 600mm,800mm or 1000mm** stroke , 24V, 1.4A, 300N

*We recommend that the opening angle of the window is checked to ensure that the correct stroke is chosen to provide the required free open area of 1.0m2. For safety reasons please ensure the opening part of the window is fitted with stays that will allow the window to open to the desired angle.

**Please note this actuator stroke length will not fully open within the required 60 seconds.

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