Smoke Vent Chain Actuator (metal casing) - 24V DC, 300N, adjustable stroke

by easivent

Chain operated electrical actuator with double row four link articulated chain contained in a zinc alloy (zamak) casing designed for the movement of inward & outward opening windows. The motor has a traction and thrust capacity of 300N and is available in both 230 VAC 50/60Hz or 24VDC versions. The actuator incorporates an electronic limit switch and provides four different strokes 200-300-400-500mm which can be selected at any time by means of a dip-switch.


Brackets Included

White - M25015 / Grey - M25012 / Black - M25018

Nominal voltage: 24V DC - 2 Core, Reverse Polarity
Nominal current: 1.4A
Force: 300N
Cut-off:  Electronic limit switch
Programmable: Stroke can be set by a dip-switch combination from 200-500mm
Speed Unloaded: 7.2 mm/s
Ingress protection: IP 32
Switch on duration:  S2 €“ 3 Min
Temperature range:  -5 to +65?° C
Connection cable: Silicone, three-core, 0.75mm, 2m L 
Housing: Metal casing
Weight: 2.25 kg
Dimensions: 456mm L x 60mm W x 43mm H


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