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Firemans' Override Switch - HE-077

Firemans' Override Switch - HE-077

Product Manufacturer: easivent

The HE-077 override switch provides a firemans' override facility and can be used for system testing. Each switch comes complete with a plastic enclosure, break glass pane, 3 LED indicators for "Healthy", "Alarm" & "Fault" plus buzzer. 

This fireman's override switch is compatible with the following control panels:

SP200 (ST4 3148)
SP300 (ST4 3160)
SP600 (ST4 3161)

Please choose the required colour of the enclosure. Options are in grey, yellow or orange (EN 12101).

Available in Orange

If you require an alternative colour, spare housing for the HE range is available in a variety of colours here

Colour: Orange (RAL 2011)

Ref: A32120
24 volts
Current: 10mA
Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 35mm
Weight: 0.25kg


For further information, view our datasheet


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