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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

Product Manufacturer: easivent

Each pressurised lobby/zone will require a pressure transmitter which is wired back to the three zone Pressure Input Panel. The pressure transmitter will have a common connection to the stair, this connection shall be common to all the lobbies on the system and connected into the "High" side of the transmitter by a copper tube. The "Low" side of the transmitter shall be connected to the lobby.

The system will prevent the pressure differential between the lobby and the stairs from falling below 25pa by controlling the speed of the extract fans via the inverters in the fan control panel.

Height: 70 mm
Width: 140 mm
Depth: 60 mm
Mechanical Connection: Push fit for 6mm Internal Diameter
System Connection: 2 Core FP200 Data Connection

Ref: EV-PT50PA


mechanical smoke shaft control system pressure input system ventilation

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