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M-SHEV-10 Compact Control Unit (10.0A)

M-SHEV-10 Compact Control Unit (10.0A)

Product Manufacturer: easivent

Compact control unit containing power supply and battery back-up to enable operation of 24V DC actuators for natural or smoke ventilation operations.
Steel housing in RAL 7035.

24 volts output
Current: 10.0 amps

Ventilation Module: ZI-100, inputs for daily ventilation & wind/rain sesnors

Input Module: SI-100 PCB

Output Module:  MR-120 PCB 

Dimensions: 400mm x 600mm x 200mm

Additional Interface Modules (if required):

SI-100 Sensor/Switch input module

MR-120 24V DC, 12A Output module

MI-100 Relay Module

Override Switches


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